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1) What is Bitcoin's Power Law Model?

Bitcoin relationship with a power law was discovered by Giovanni Santostasi when he realized that bitcoin's price moved in a straight line when it was plotted in a log-log graph.

This is the only asset that behaves this way, indicating there is something intrinsic about the nature of Bitcoin which allows us to predict its price into the future.

2) What does fair price and bottom price mean?

According to the Power Law Model, bitcoin's price is always oscillating around its fair price.

We could say that when bitcoin's price is below its fair price then it is "undervalued" and when it is above it then it is "overvalued"

The bottom price indicates the price which bitcoin will never go below.

3) How is this calculated?

The fair price is calculated using the following formula:

1.0117e-17*(days since genesis block)5.82

The bottom price is the fair price multiplied by 0.42. Historically speaking, bitcoin's floor price has been 58% below its fair price.

4) Is the bottom price reliable?


This model has been accurately predicting the bitcoin bottom for many years now.

It has only failed one time: March 13th, 2020. The price fell below the bottom for only a few hours due to the pandemic black swan crash.

You can be confident that the price will not go below the bottom unless there is an unexpected worldwide financial crisis.

5) Where can I learn more about the Power Law Model?

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